Yamaha MT-01 KODO

Used parts for sale


Under bracket comp.

Used part. Fully operational. Small scratches. No screws.

Original price: $510
My price: $190


Fender front

Used part. Scratches. Small breaks of plastic. Needs some work, but can be easily used even without

Original price: $180
My price: $40


Front fork bolt cap

Used part. dismantled from left fork. Including o-ring (93210-41N50) and plate valve (5YU-2332N-00). 

Original price: $235 ($228+$3+$4)
My price: $60


End cap

Used part. Dismantled from left side. Big scratch visible, but overall shape is not damaged.

Original price: $37
My price: $10


Side stand

Used part with many standard scratches.

Original price: $66
My price: $20


Front wheel axle

Used part without any damage.

Original price: $71
My price: $20

93399-99932 & 93399-99931

Bering set for under comp. Under and over 

Used part.

Original price: $94 ($48 + $46)
My price: $20

5YU-23393-00 – Front fork bolt cap nut
Original price: $10  My price: $5

5YU-23118-00 – Front fork spacer
Original price: $10  My price: $5

93306-00420 – Front wheel axle bering
Original price: $20  My price: $5

All parts are used. Taken from 2005 dark blue Yamaha MT-01 KODO. Parts were changed to new one, after small collision. Because of the collision front rim was broken and inner tubes of front forks were slightly bend. I replaced whole front suspension because of insurance rules.

Shipping worldwide. Additional cost of shipment: $10 (by post)

50% prepayment (wire transfer) -> i ship to any place on earth -> 50% payment after arrival (to secure both sides)

If you need more detailed photos just contact me via email.

Photo after collision

Taxi driver stopped before me on the intersection. His fault. I was braking and finally hit his side with speed about 20 kph. I fell of the bike and bike fell of on the left side. Small collision, and i was not even injured any way. Rim, tire and both inner fork tubes were damaged. Because of insurance rules i changed all suspension parts excluding front brakes.

e-mail: kodo@zadara.biz